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Orlando/Dr. Phillips Tile Roof Installation and Repair, Questions Answered

February 24th, 2017

Tile roofs are becoming more and more popular in Central Florida. Home and business owners are drawn to their classic beauty, as well as the numerous benefits. Many of our clients at Schick Roofing call us with questions about tile roofing.

ThinkstockPhotos-127023529Do tile roofs come in different styles?

Today’s roof tile come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. They can be round or flat to replicate centuries old tile or simulate wood shakes.  They are produced in concrete or tile, to match just about any architectural style, from New England Colonial to Mediterranean and Spanish.

Will the weight of the tile be supported by my home?

Usually, most residential homes and business do not require any additional bracing or support. If it does, the cost is just a small portion of the entire project.

Do roofing tiles act as a good insulator?

Roofing tiles have extremely good air circulation and insulation qualities. They are able to keep your home cooler because of the reduction in transfer heat.

How will the tiles hold up in Central Florida thunderstorms?

Roofing tiles hold up just as well if not better than other materials. Unfortunately, there isn’t a roof that is completely storm proof. There can be some damage with hailstones that measure 2 inches in diameter. While other roofs may need a complete roof replacement with hailstones of this size.

Will I be able to install the roofing tiles myself?

To insure tiles are installed properly it takes considerable skill and experience. There are many steps to the entire process extending beyond laying out the tiles, such as flashing, roofing underlayment, battens, and properly cutting tiles to fit along valleys and hips.  This type of job is more than a DIY project. To ensure your new tile roof will last its expected lifetime and is installed with the right materials, it is best to contact a professional roofing service who has experienced installing tile roofs.

If you are considering a tile roof or your current roof has damage and needs repair or replacement, contact Schick Roofing.  We have been serving the Orlando and Dr. Phillips area and have won the loyalty of hundreds of satisfied customers.

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